Last night was a cold and wintry one! Thanks to all that braved the icy conditions. For those that couldn’t make it due to the weather or sickness, I gave back and we went over test one. As promised here are the statistics for the test: Average=74.3, Median=81, Mode=91, 1st quartile=60, median=81, 3rd quartile=91, and standard deviation of 20.4.

I think everyone knows what the average is but let’s look at the other statistical measures. The 1st quartile of 60 means 25 % of the class scored below 60 and 75% scored above 60. The median states that 50% scored below 81 and 50% scored better than 81. The third quartile states that 25% of the class scored better than 91. The mode means that 91 was scored the most. The standard deviation shows how dispersed the data is away from the mean. It basically means that if our scores follow a bell shaped curve, around 68% of the class scored between 53.9 and 94.7.

After we went over our tests we looked at section 2.3, complex numbers. I think that most found these concepts straight forward and some what easy. For another look at complex numbers take a look at this website. It even has some of the same examples that we went over in class! There are many more sites that cover complex numbers. Just do a Google search for….. that’s right complex numbers!

What we didn’t get to talk about is using the complex conjugate. But the linked website covers this on page two. If anyone is having problems please post a comment and I will try to post a video to do problems like 45-50 on page 193 or problems 57 -62 on page 194.

I will see you guys on Wednesday 2-20-2008, no class on Monday 2-18-2008.

Happy Valentines Day!

Scott McClendon

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  1. Brenda Durbin says:

    Thanks for the break down on numbers. I am a numbers freak & like to know where I stand. Especially with this class seeings how it RAN ME OVER in my first semester! Real glad to see that 83!
    See ya Wednesday
    Brenda D.

  2. Brenda Durbin says:

    Brenda D.

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