Edublogs has changed thier website so i cannot post anything here anymore!  What a shame.  You can email me and i will email you the answer key.  Hope you wrote it down.  If not try to reply to this in the comments.

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As I promised posted below is the answer key to test 2.  If you check out the key and still find that you have a question, post a comment or email me and I will post a video explanation.

 As a heads up for Mondays class, try to search Google for logarithms to find a basic explanation of what they are( don’t worry we are still going to go over them in class if you don’t find much).  Also try to polish up on your exponent properties that are in the book in section P.2 ( the blue box on page 12) or on the bottom of page335.

mt-150-test-2-page-1.jpg    mt-150-test-2-page-2.jpg   mt-150-test-2-page-3.jpg   mt-150-test-2-page-4.jpg  

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circles-ws-103.jpgcircles-ws-102.jpgHere are some exapmle problems for the worksheets I assigned today.

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I have Test 2 graded and have the statistics to go along with it. The test scores are 19, 26, 27, 30, 34, 35, 45, 46, 50, 66, 67, 71, 72, 73, 73, 74, 75, 76, 81, 82, 82, 86, 89, 95, 96, 97.  The Average was a 64 with a Standard Deviation of 24.  The Median was 72.5. The First Quartile was  45.25 , the Third Quartile was a 81.75.  Look for a previous posts to see what each value stands for if you are not for sure.

I will pass back the test and post a solutions guide to it but we will not be discussing it in class due to time constrants.  If you have questions about the test please feel free to ask them after or before class.

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Our unit 7 test is tomorrow!  This test will cover reflections,(x and y axis, origin, and line y=x) translations, (shifting up, down , left, right) rotations (90 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise, 180 degrees)  and dilations. 

Posted are the answers to the study guide I gave out Monday.

unit-7-pretest-page-1.JPG  unit-7-pretest-page-2.JPGunit-7-pretest-page-3.JPGunit-7-pretest-page-4.JPG

 Remember that you can make a cheat sheet to use on the test from a 3″ by 5″ index card or paper cut to size.    If you have any questions, post a comment or email me at mcclendonmath at gmail dot com.  I spelled it out to avoid spam issues.  I will check the blog and email at around 8 and 11 tonight for questions.  Other than that , have a great day!  

If anyone from first block has questions be ready with them becuase we won’t have anytime to review before becuase of clubs.

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Remember tomorrow (3-5-08) is test night!  The first of two notebook checks will be tomorrow as well.  I had promised a video explanation of the quiz 3 but had some technical difficulties so only the first few problems are explained.  If you are having any questions I will try to be at class at about 4:00 to answer questions.  I also found a good site.  It’s like a calculator for solving algebra problems.  Link to QuickMath

I will try to post the homework answer keys tomorrow so stay tuned!

Quiz 3 Answers

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Classes have been officially canceled for Wednesday 2-27-08 for the Russell Center.

Our Test II on the tentative schedule will be pushed back to Wednesday 3-5-08. I need you to look thru sections 3.1 and 3.2 and try the examples that follow the homework. We will go over these sections on Monday 3-3-08. Test II will cover sections 2.3 -3.2.

The first of 2 notebook grades will be taken on Wednesday 3-5-08 (the night of test II) . I will be checking it for neat, legible notes, tabbed and in order. Also I will check to see if you have been completing your homework problems (these need to be neat and legible as well). If you have done both to a satisfactory level then you will get full credit. The rubric will be as follows:

Organized-10pts, Legible -10pts, Homework- 10pts.

Please have it organized in such a fashion that I or anyone could easily find your notes or homework for a specific section.

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Last Monday we talked about the last part of section 2.5 and covered sections 2.6 and 2.7.  We really don’t have enough time in class to see very many examples of scatter plots.  So you need to make sure that you can do these problems on your calculator.  I will post a worksheet that I have given to a previous class that deals with scatter plots.  The first page is the basic diriections for inputing a scatter plot and finding the linear model or line of best fit.  The second page is just some excercises that you are welcome to try.

Scatter Plots On a TI-83

It is snowing right now here in Somerset and I am not for sure what the weather will be like tomorrow for class.

As of right now class is still a go.  Watch and listen to see it they officially announce night classes have been canceled.

Remember that quiz 3 is due 2-27-08.

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Please keep up with all returned work and dedicate a special place for it in your notebook. This will help when it comes down to test time.

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet you can use to calculate your grade when you get your work returned. You have to input your grades into the gray cells. The yellow cells tell you your grade averages for each component of your grade: attendance, notebook, quizzes and tests. To get an overall grade (before the final) the gray boxes need to be filled in with something. I would use this tool to predict what I think I would make as a final grade. It will be really helpful at the end of the semester.

If you don’t have Excel or Microsoft Office you can download OpenOffice. This is an open-source(this means free and LEGAL) software that behaves just like M$ Office. If you just have to have M$ Office, I think that the somerset campus offers Office at a reduced rate for students.

Also if you are good at excel please feel free to modify the spreadsheet as you feel necessary. If you do please send me a copy so I can see how to update the spreadsheet for all to enjoy!

MT 150 GradeBook

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Last night was a cold and wintry one! Thanks to all that braved the icy conditions. For those that couldn’t make it due to the weather or sickness, I gave back and we went over test one. As promised here are the statistics for the test: Average=74.3, Median=81, Mode=91, 1st quartile=60, median=81, 3rd quartile=91, and standard deviation of 20.4.

I think everyone knows what the average is but let’s look at the other statistical measures. The 1st quartile of 60 means 25 % of the class scored below 60 and 75% scored above 60. The median states that 50% scored below 81 and 50% scored better than 81. The third quartile states that 25% of the class scored better than 91. The mode means that 91 was scored the most. The standard deviation shows how dispersed the data is away from the mean. It basically means that if our scores follow a bell shaped curve, around 68% of the class scored between 53.9 and 94.7.

After we went over our tests we looked at section 2.3, complex numbers. I think that most found these concepts straight forward and some what easy. For another look at complex numbers take a look at this website. It even has some of the same examples that we went over in class! There are many more sites that cover complex numbers. Just do a Google search for….. that’s right complex numbers!

What we didn’t get to talk about is using the complex conjugate. But the linked website covers this on page two. If anyone is having problems please post a comment and I will try to post a video to do problems like 45-50 on page 193 or problems 57 -62 on page 194.

I will see you guys on Wednesday 2-20-2008, no class on Monday 2-18-2008.

Happy Valentines Day!

Scott McClendon

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